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Novel Tea

Novel Tea is a quality tea bar seeking to merge art and community, coming soon to Wilton Manors, FL. As tea lovers and community activists, the founders sought to create a space to showcase local artists and encourage the community to gather. As a brand new company, Novel Tea was looking for a visual identity to build on.

Services we provided

  • Brand Discovery
  • Visual Identity

"We set off to seek a creative team that would listen to our story, that understood our vision, what we found is the team at Paradox surpassed our expectations and also made the experience meaningful, informative and over all memorable."

Rey Delgado

Novel Tea, Co-founder


Through a discovery process, we established the the foundations of Novel Tea and why they exist, and were able to translate that to a clean and simple logo. We chose a deep red and black to reflect the brand, and created a secondary logo that can be used in certain applications.


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