Project Strategy

Communication / April 12, 2012

Before you start any project, take this approach:

Project Strategy –> Creative Strategy

From all of my experience, the process with your client should be heavy on the front-end; understanding the goals and the “why” of the communication piece and what they’re envisioning. This helps present your best comp. You’re not presenting multiple pieces.

When the client receives multiple design comps, it puts them in the expert seat. It says that they know how best to communicate and that you don’t.

If you present your one strong piece and it doesn’t meet your clients expectations, then there was some kind of miscommunication in the front-end. The more you’re the expert, the more you’ll be trusted to continue delivering over and over again. Every time you deliver multiple comps, you become less the expert and more of “just another designer”.

Study, do your research and lets have our clients trust the experts again.