Our New Look

Branding / August 1, 2012
At Paradox, one of the things we specialize in is establishing a visual identity that represents who you are. It tells the story visually of what you’re all about. When we first started out, we were so much in a hurry to get to work, that we skipped on some of the processes that we normally encourage all our clients to go through. We know, shame on us! So this summer we’ve taken the time to go back through those processes and update our logo and website to better represent what we’re all about. Here’s a peek into the three main parts of Paradox.

1. Excellent & effective branding

This is the main thing; it surrounds everything we do. We eat, sleep and breathe branding and design. Good brand design can help build a solid foundation for a brand. We believe in doing everything with excellence, whether it’s a website, a logo or a complete rebrand. We know that everything –  the logo, colors, voice, how things are communicated – all add up to help differentiate you from others and build trust with your customers and followers.

2. Doing things differently

We’re not a company bogged down by rules and restrictions. It’s pretty simple – we know what’s important and we keep those things in the forefront. People and relationships come before anything else. We want to get to know you, your passions, and what drives you to move forward. And of course we have fun. We love what we get to do everyday, and do our best to create a fun environment in which to work.

3. Changing the world

This is the “why” behind everything we do. We support those who are out to make the world a better place and strive to use our skills and talents to propel them to the next level. We love to help our clients take what we’ve created and run with it. Can a logo, a sign, or a website help change the world? Well, we think so.