Happening at Paradox

Branding / February 14, 2014

Time For Pruning

Growing your business is a continual process of pruning. I love this quote from Necessary Endings: “for us to ever get to a new level, a new tomorrow, or the next step, something has to end. Life has seasons, stages, and phases. For there to be anything new, old things always have to end, and… View Article
Culture / February 10, 2014

Two Years

In just two years, we have been able to help kids in foster care, kids that were suddenly left without parents find a safe place to stay. We’ve helped stop roof leaks, we’ve helped raise awareness of human trafficking, we’ve inspired thousands with inspiration quotes every morning. We have helped people eat healthier and discover… View Article
Branding / December 12, 2013

Get Away To Make A Way

All in all, 2013 was a great year. We experimented, failed, LEARNED and repeated. The key and most important thing to do is repeat. One of the things on our list was a new website. There must have been 6 different versions, some fully coded and almost ready, but we were not completely happy with them…. View Article
Design / June 20, 2013

We’re Hiring

Update: This position is already filled. Junior Designer – Full-time Paradox Design Studio is looking for a full-time Junior Designer to join our team. We are a small, but growing team of dedicated creatives with a passion for design. We specialize in creating branding and websites for those out to change the world. We are a… View Article
Communication / June 7, 2013

A Creative Mission

We believe that what we do on a daily basis at Paradox has a part in changing the world, even though it may be small. This happens mostly through the clients we’re working with. But sometimes the opportunity comes along to have a more direct impact, like my recent trip with Creative Missions. I hopped… View Article
Communication / May 15, 2013

Less is More – Your Church’s Web Presence

When it comes to churches using the web and social media, we are big believers in “less is more.” Check out this recent article we wrote for Sunday Magazine to give a quick how-to guide on scaling back your church’s web presence in order to be more effective. While your there, check out some of… View Article
Culture / April 2, 2013

Walk to Change the World

The clients we work with are in the business of changing the world. Some speak for those with no voice. Some share the Gospel with the world. Some encourage healthy living through better food choices. And some are simply making the world a more beautiful place. We love being able to partner with our clients… View Article
Culture / March 27, 2013

The Doors are Open

Our team has been hard at work the last couple months preparing and moving into our new collaborative work space in Downtown Hollywood. Thanks to all our friends and clients who came out to support us at our Open House! We had a great time showing off our new space and sharing the stories of… View Article
Communication / January 4, 2013

Work Smarter, Not Harder

(Thanks to Mike Miller for suggesting this post. Your Brand Bat is finally on its way!) I was at the salon recently and the stylist next to me was working with a client who had a particularly difficult haircut. After a while another stylist stepped in to help her. As he came in trying to… View Article
Design / January 2, 2013

A Creative Christmas & New Year

For our first holiday season, we created these custom cards to wish our Paradox family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Check it out.