Attention! Attention!

Branding / November 28, 2012

This past week, my wife and I went on a mini vacation to my home country of Puerto Rico. I haven’t been there in 19 years, so everything was new to me again. I loved everything about my country. The smells, the streets, and the sounds all brought back nostalgic feelings. We met many family members for the first time and reacquainted with others. We had authentic traditional meals and enjoyed the culture. We created many memories that we will cherish forever. But there is a specific one that I want to share.

We spent some time with my cousin and her family. Her 2-year-old son was obsessed with a children’s show called: ¡Atencion! ¡Atencion!. The show is a simple sing-a-long made to teach and educate. But what struck me was how interested and involved he was with the music and the CD cover he held in his hand. I couldn’t get over how excited he was to hear a specific song, and how his attention was completely focused on what his imagination was conjuring up.

All I could think about after that was, what is calling for your attention?

In your business, are you paying attention to what your clients really want, or are you giving them what you think they want? Are you paying attention to what your employees are saying?

In design, the details are calling out for attention. You make sure the big picture is front and center, but the details are what people interact with. Pay attention to what you interact with everyday. Pay attention to the typefaces in the environments you enter. The colors, the smells.

In customer service, are you paying attention to your customer’s real concerns?

Like a school teacher yells Attention! Attention! I am doing the same.

Don’t miss the details. They might be small, but they make all the difference.