A Creative Mission

Communication / June 7, 2013

We believe that what we do on a daily basis at Paradox has a part in changing the world, even though it may be small. This happens mostly through the clients we’re working with. But sometimes the opportunity comes along to have a more direct impact, like my recent trip with Creative Missions.

I hopped on a plane to travel to Anchorage, Alaska to meet up with 28 other creative missionaries to spend a week in the trenches, so to speak. This group included designers, writers, photographers, developers, and communications gurus, with a common goal to use their skills and talents to help create sustainable creative solutions for churches and ministries in the area. In some cases, we just worked together to create a new logo or a functional website. We worked with pastors to give them tools they can use to be more effective in their ministry. In the end we saw pastors who now have a renewed vision and confidence for the ministry that they’ve been called to.

And I saw a moose for the first time.

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