We create brand experiences that strike an emotional chord and motivate people to take action.

“Being attentive listeners, combined with their strong expertise and warm approach, the Paradox team took our vision and shaped it into an awesome brand experience.”

Kelvin Co

Creative Arts Pastor, TheOaksOnline.org

“Paradox has an unbelievable design team and really understands our company's needs and how to build our brand with creative flawless execution.”

Elena Pezzo

Co-Owner, Green Bar & Kitchen

“As a startup, we needed to formulate every aspect of our brand’s identity. The Paradox team guided that discovery and designed an outstanding logo and e-commerce site, all with kindness, patience and competence.”

Chad Workman


Paradox One Day

We’ll build and launch your logo and website, in One Day.

Not every business needs months of planning, complicated coding or a website with hundreds of pages. Some just need a simple, professional website that gets the job done. That’s why we created Paradox One Day, a condensed and interactive way to build and launch your website. In just one day.


Our Team

Ambert Rodriguez

Principal / Creative Director

Melissa Rodriguez

Client Relations

Robert Evelyn

Lead Developer

Sheri Felipe

Designer / Copywriter

Laurian Evelyn

Social Media Specialist

We keep what's important at the core: our people, customers and commitments.

Your "why" is at the heart of everything.

Why does your organization exist? What is it about you that's different from the rest of the pack? Sure, what you do and how you do it are important, but the "why" connects people to you on a deeper level. By building your brand around this foundation, we can help you do what you were called to do. Better.

We're a team of creative designers, developers, and brand strategists determined to put a dent in the universe through the flawless execution of big ideas. We build brand identities through beautifully crafted logos, digital design, and brand experiences that strike an emotional chord and motivate people to take action.

Our Capabilities

  • Strategy determines the direction for everything you do. Through research and discovery, we’ll help you get a clear picture of who you are and what you’re trying to achieve. And then we can find your unique voice.
  • Establishing a strong visual brand identity is essential to communicating who you are. We’ll help you through the process from logo creation or rebranding, to establishing standards for consistency.
  • Everyone needs something they can hold: stationery, brochures, postcards, annual reports, etc. We’ll help you create pieces that make a lasting impression and reinforce the story you’re telling.
  • To stay in the game these days, an online presence is key. We’ll help you communicate your message in the world of websites, e-newsletters, apps, social media, and whatever they think of next.
  • The quality, design and functionality of a package can make or break a product. If your brand centers on a packed good, we’ll work together to create packaging that is on point with your strategy and visual branding.

Office Hours


8:30am-5:00pm (EST)

Office Location

Headquatered Axis Space
333 Las Olas Way
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

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  • New Client / March 23, 2015


    Operating across three continents, Isotrak has established itself as the global market’s most trusted provider of fleet management software solutions and systems integration. We are excited to be working with them on their website redesign and strategy.
  • Just Launched / March 22, 2015

    makgoods goes live

    We’ve had the ultimate pleasure of working with the great team at MAKGOODS. We are so excited to announce their website has launched today! Go check it out and buy your kit. Post and share what you make!
  • Culture / September 4, 2014

    Yellow Conference Recap

    Last week, Monica and I had the opportunity to travel to LA and attend the Yellow Conference. Yellow is a gathering for creative women who desire to ignite passion and spread good throughout the world.

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